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Last night was my first real Friday Night Magic (FNM).  For those who don’t know, FNM is an event that occurs every Friday night in comic book and video game stores around the country.  At these events, participants play a card game called Magic the Gathering with other fellow enthusiasts.  This particular FNM costs 5 dollars and leaves you with at least one booster pack of your choice with the potential for more as you win more.This game is made by the same people who make US Pokemon cards as well as Dungeons and Dragons.  So basically, it’s super nerdy and has a cult following.

I was introduced to this game by my boyfriend and mocked him for it so much.  That is, until I played my first game.  It’s centered around creatures and magic (obviously) and is full of strategy and logic.  The cards make the rules and so pretty much anything is possible.

For any of you who have never heard of this game, find a friend who plays and learn.  It will be one of your least regretted decisions you will make in your life.  You get to have an insane amount of fun.  With super nice people.  WHO WON’T JUDGE YOU FOR BEING A NERD! Because trust me, you have to work to be a bigger nerd than these guys.