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It seems that when I fall, I fall hard.  I had some emotional and physical stress over the past few days, starting the night that I missed my first blog.  I woke up Wednesday morning and it just hit me with a gigantic “fuck!” I couldn’t believe that I missed a day of NaBloPoMo.  Not just for the prizes, but also for myself.  I was really proud of what I was doing and what I had accomplished only to let it slip my mind at the presence of any real turmoil.

And it didn’t stop there.  I let myself spiral downward into the beliefs that no one really cares if I post or not, and because of that, we are now 4 days later without a single word typed.

Today I start writing again.  Hopefully daily.  Not for NaBloPoMo.  Not to win anything.  Not even to attract a million followers.  But just for me.  Because I am the only one that I need to please.