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As I sat down to write today, I faced to dilemma that I face almost every day when I try to produce these blog entries: what the fuck am I gonna write about?  My usual solution is to turn to the list of suggested prompts for the month, but today’s just didn’t produce an answer that could be developed into something interesting to read.  My next idea was to write about the current events of my day and/or week (bed bugs, inability to pay rent, almost thought I was getting evicted, arthritis, it’s supposed to snow in fucking South Carolina tomorrow, etc.) and then I realized that I always seem to be complaining about something and you’re all probably tired of it.  I promise you all, I am not really a whiney bitch, at least not as much of one as this blog makes me look.

When I put my life into words, the things that stick out are almost always the stresses of my life, which happen to be excessive right now.  I try to create something that someone would actually want to read, be able to relate to, and enjoy.

I rarely get feedback on how my writing affects all of you and so it’s hard to decide how to shape my thoughts.  The end result is me simply writing for myself, to relieve myself of the stresses of life.

In summation, please do not hold this limited view of my inner thoughts against me, and please write comments or send emails with any suggestions, questions, or thoughts in general.

And happy veterans day to all who have served!

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