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As one who is new to the blogisphere, I decided to keep BlogHer’s list of suggested blog topics this month as a guide in case I needed it.  Today was one of those days.  I find it hard to decide which things to share and in what way to present the thoughts buzzing around my head.  The suggested prompt today was to write about my favorite character.  And I have to say that it stumped me.

I have carried a book in my purse since I was old enough to carry one.  The only exception was when I carried only a wallet while going to college in Providence.  Right now, the book in my purse is The Hobbit.  For years, it was one of the Harry Potter series or Twilight or the Mortal Instruments series.  I have devoured fiction and become immersed in the many worlds that have presented themselves to me.  I have fallen in love, made best friends, and mortal enemies within the covers of my novels.  And yet in all of my books, I have never found myself a favorite character.  There are several that came to mind (the Weasley twins, Hermione, Clary Fray, Jace Wayland) but none that truly seemed to stick.

I have always been terrible at deciding favorites.  I couldn’t any easier tell you my favorite movie, song, or book.  But to decide a favorite character?  Impossible.  My books have been my best friends when I needed them the most and those inside of them have inspired me to keep moving.  And so I have to say that every character is my favorite character.

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