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Happy Halloween to everyone!  I keep forgetting what day it is and I’m sure that whatever you’re doing, your plans are better than mine.  What are my plans you ask?  Well my boyfriend and I were supposed to be going to a college party that my best friend is throwing, but instead we will be spending the evening in construction paper masks at his parents’ house.  These are the joys of having practically no income and living in an area where you have no friends within a 50 mile radius.

My boyfriend is going to be a pig and I will be fashioning myself a big bad wolf face and ears.  Most girls my age are wearing lingerie with their animal ears, but not this chick, not this year.  The event is family friendly and therefore no fun.  Not even a drop of alcohol because we are driving.

To brighten my day and allow me to live vicariously through the internet, I’d love to hear what you guys are doing this year for Halloween.  What’s your costume?  What was the best costume you ever had?  The funniest?  Feel free to share!