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Everyone has had that moment with a new puppy where they get to have the full enjoyment of the dog discovering their tail.  This moment is often followed by much laughter and joy as the puppy commences to chase his tail in circles for minutes on end in vain.

The best part about this experience is that it gets to be enjoyed over and over again as the puppy continually forgets the lessons learned the last time he tried to catch the tail.

This experience seems to also be enjoyed by humans, never learning from the mistakes of their past, forever chasing their “tails.” Going in circles perpetually over the same issues.

With election season coming up, it is important to remember our past presidents and major decisions they have made about the important issues.  Many of these issues are cyclical or ever present, yet they always seem to be looked at in the same way, or as if nothing has happened in the past and nothing has changed.  America has simply forgotten.  We have forgotten where we came from and what mistakes have already been made and what policies have been successful.

You would think that someone might see a problem with this, but the American people go along with the idea that serious issues never shift or change and ignore all of the progress of the past.  This needs to stop.  Politicians and voters alike need to start remembering the past and stop ignoring it.

Before 1973, abortions were illegal, but that didn’t stop women from getting them; women went to extremes to end their pregnancies.  They would fall down stairs, hit themselves in the stomach, and hire back door doctors or everyday shmoes posing as doctors, yielding an exacto knife with the precision of a chainsaw.

Over 10,000 women died every year due to illegal abortions and their complications.  Thousands more survived, but suffered horribly. Women would stop at nothing in order to end their unwanted pregnancies.  Women would die.

This election is bringing the American people back to the beginning of this debate.  The republican candidate would end legal abortions and end funding for those that support legal abortions.  As if they have completely forgotten all of the suffering and death that came along with illegal abortions.

Another hot issue right now is that of taxation.  The Republican Party claims that whatever the Democratic Party does is wrong and vice versa.  What everyone seems to be forgetting is that we have had a successful economic plan in the recent past.  Bill Clinton’s plan had our country in a surplus and on the fast path to high growth and recovery.  This plan is very similar to the one that President Obama is currently promoting, yet everyone is outraged by it.

Everyone refuses to believe that the economy and debt did indeed exist before President Bush took office.  They also seem to forget that it was his repealing of Clinton’s plans that caused our country’s spiral downward.  Simple contemplation of the past could shed quite a bit of light onto today’s crisis.

These two things are considered to be deciding factors for most voters and yet they make their decisions blindly and without considering the nation’s past.  They say that if you do not know the past, it is going to repeat itself.  Americans need to pay attention to the past and use it to understand the present and how it affects the future; otherwise, the past will just continue to repeat itself, like a horrible remake of “Groundhog Day.”

Before going to the polls next month, consider what you’re really voting for and where it comes from.  Before you vote, make sure you’re not just a dog chasing its tail: forever confused as to why the same actions get the same results.

Educate yourselves and show the candidates that you’re not as stupid as they think you are.