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Hi there!!  Welcome to Raja’s Basket of Fun, my first ever blog!

This whole idea started as a joke made by my brother.  You see, I’m one of those people who reads entirely too much and knows a ton of random useless facts.  This is combined with the fact that I am currently in school for Culinary Arts, so I also know a ton of really useful to me, but random to everyone else facts.  My education has caused me to see the food world with a completely new set of eyes.  This set of eyes happens to be very critical.  I am also one of those people with absolutely no filter who speaks about whatever is on their mind.

A few months ago, my family was at a restaurant at the beach while on vacation.  I was giving a small speech on something pertaining to the service or food (I can’t really remember what at this point) when my brother burst out with “You know what, you should write a blog.”  I took this lightly at first and laughed it off, but here I am now.

This blog will be primarily about the food industry.  Complaints, rants, information, and suggestions to anyone who will listen.  Mixed in will be opinions on current events, including politics.

I’m aware that in all likelihood, no one will actually read this and even if they do, it won’t go far, but maybe I could make just a little bit of a difference to someone somewhere.  And maybe eventually everywhere.